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דף הבית: Welcome

Many despaired of the possibility that humans would ever manage to get along with each other.

We are determined to crack it, because we do not seem to have many choices ...

#1 - Center of development

We believe that developing the ability to make meaningful connections with others, despite the individuality that pulls in the exact opposite direction, can give a person resilience and the ability to manage a strong network of connections in his life.
The quality of the network of relationships gives a person inner flexibility to deal with conflicts and crises - which increases his ability to withstand the ups and downs and challenges of life change.

#2 - The interpersonal resource

There is an infinite generating power inherent in the connection between people - we help people discover it.
In our time the world has become so interconnected that the possibility of fulfilling basic subsistence needs has become dependent on others.
The network that emerges is portrayed as gripping, shaking, stressing and forcing us to take into account the needs of the other.
In such a complex reality it is imperative to develop a whole new level of intelligence that will allow us to see all the details of reality as one system that operates in reciprocity and complementarity.

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