Roey Taub
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We dreamed of traveling the world on an endless journey, creating a business startup that will change the face of humanity, we learned different methods that strive to bring a person a feeling of fulfillment and meaning in his life, until we realized…

Life itself is a journey, wherever we are and what we do not do, what will dictate the hue and feeling of life - is the quality of the significant connection that exists between us, our family and all the circles of acquaintances and friends around us.


But it turns out that a relationship between people is a complex thing, that needs to be learned day by day.

Therefore, we decided to dedicate our lives to the subject in order to learn and pass on the important message ...

Orit Taub
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  • Entrepreneurs in the field of health and beauty for the past 15 years. Managing a business that has been registered in the 10% most promising businesses of the decade in Croatia, according to the "Super Brand Institute".

  • Experts in the informal integral education niche, which gives a person relevant awareness in a global and interconnected world.

  • Group moderators and social processes leaders, educated by the S.B.L (Social Behavioral Leadership) approach, graduated from the Gordon College of Education in Haifa.

  • Over 7 years of experience in organizing and creating content, for conferences and multi-participant events.

  • Content editors for books, which dealing with relationships in the “New world”, in an integral and connected aspect.

  • Therapists and consultants in the field of natural medicine, specializing in adapting a healthy lifestyle, based on a diagnosis of the holistic personal vision.

  • Full-time parents to Daria, Tahel, Shefa and Orian.