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How to develop resilience and stability, in a reality where you do not know what will happen in a moment?

The world seems to be in labor.

Let’s get a new perspective on the shaky and special period we are going through. In a series of 4 introductory sessions, we will examine the trend to which the world is advancing and what the necessary preparation is in order to enter the new world strengthened.

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In order to develop resilience and feel in control of life events, one needs to understand what period we are in. Hold the reins with both hands and dictate to ourselves the quality of life.

But it's a challenge ...

I do not live alone and there are people around me who are influenced and influence me.

  • Do you also feel that you need an anchor to get through the last period?

  • That there is an inability to understand the uncertainty of what is happening?

  • That we have developed difficulty talking about things for fear of getting hurt?

  • That it is difficult for people to understand each other and feel the needs of the other?

We are at the door of a new world

On the one hand, it presents us with not simple challenges, but on the other hand, it also opens up a window of opportunity for us to develop and upgrade our lives.

The course Introduction to the Development of "Human Cloud" technology helps us to adapt to the new reality that is being revealed, as smoothly and successfully as possible.

We are witnessing all the systems around us changing. Everything we knew and knew is taking a turn. The tools and perceptions we used to use in the past are already less effective. Some have become irrelevant to practice. And all these changes force us to re-examine our way of life, our way of conduct and our decisions.

It is no coincidence that some of us feel some kind of dizziness, instability, uncertainty, sometimes even anxieties. These situations characterize the transition period in which we are now. In the face of the changing reality, we must acquire new tools, a new understanding, understand the legality of the trend, make order in our minds, thoughts, decisions and goals - and thus it unfolds before us a truly new approach to life, leading us in the transition from the old world to the new world.

Introduction to the development of "human cloud" technology is a course in which the person acquires initial recognition with the necessity that includes the interpersonal resource, which gives the person:

  • A source of renewal, motivation and creativity
  • Ability to perspective and systemic thinking
  • Mental and emotional flexibility
  • Tolerance in conflict situations
  • Resilience to face challenges
  • Access to collective intelligence

Course structure:

Session 1 - Understanding the interpersonal resource and its impact on the future
Session 2 - The driving force behind human dynamics
Session 3 - The crisis as a turning point for developmental potential
Session 4 - The resilience required for success in the new world

We believe that developing the ability to make meaningful connections with others, despite the individuality that pulls in the exact opposite direction, can give a person resilience and the ability to manage a strong network of connections in his life.
The quality of the network of relationships gives a person inner flexibility to deal with conflicts and crises - which increases his ability to withstand the ups and downs and challenges of life change


Ortal Bracha
Consul, Israeli Embassy in Croatia

Human Emotional Resilience for Organizations (H.E.R.O)  knows how to help individuals work as a cohesive group, where all members feel invested in the direction and accomplishments of the team. 
Anyone looking to help to build a stronger team, by showing the team what it means to work well in a group, would be lucky to cooperate with professionals as Roey and Orit Taub.

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Iva Stipanov

Assistant for cultural affairs
Israeli Embassy in Croatia

The team-building exercise was really needed at a time when it was hard to feel like a team due to the various restrictions and changes in our business model. It was nice seeing everyone together and learning about each other, and especially in the pandemic, it was a way to feel closer. 

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Petra Kolega

Sales Manager A.O.R Ltd

In my work, it has been shown that continuous work and investing in the social aspect, in individuals and teams contribute to better functionality and productivity.  Workers are more motivated, give more meaning to the work itself and also to the importance of each individual in the team.

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