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In the coming years, actions which support emotional connection & cultivating interpersonal resources will build the person's more advanced way of life.

As in any evolutionary process, at some point, we will not be able to maintain a normal social life without adopting an approach of mutual complementarity.
Those who try to adapt their perception of existence as part of a whole will gain a relative advantage over those who continue to hold on to the narrow individualistic perception. With the help of these perceptual changes, processes will be built and those will reshape the education, the culture, and the economy, with the help of mutual nourishment.
We will shape the atmosphere and the social systems - and they will shape us back.


What are we doing?

We specialize in creating an optimal social climate to strengthen human resilience, by improving the quality of relationships and assimilating optimal behavioral-social norms.

In our activities in the various frameworks, participants will get to know and acquire tools for building a system of meaningful connections with their environment, through experiences and learning from social dynamics.


Placement model

  • Phase A - Discovering the interpersonal resource.

  • Phase B - Recognizing the benefits of integral awareness obtainment.

  • Phase C - Tools for the development of Interpersonal Technology - Connecting to the human CLOUD, "The field between Us".

  • Phase D - Practice in implementation - obtainment of emotional human resilience as a tool for stability and success in life.

How do we do it?

  • We can build custom line ups and activities, according to the needs of the audience:

  • Content - built processes for companies, organizations and communities.

  • Social gatherings.

  • Individual counseling sessions.

Group Intelligence

Strengths of Collective Intelligence

  • Individual abilities versus group abilities

  • The clash of the individual and the collective

  • Equality in communication

  • The influence of environment


Super Boss

Social leadership in a challenging world

  • Leader qualities

  • Management versus leadership

  • Employee recruitment and motivation

Male Speaker

Beneficial quarrel

Dealing with conflicts

  • The nature of the conflict

  • The "internal manager" clash

  • Paradigms in the approach to conflict

  • Conflict management


Worthwhile mistake

Dealing with and learning from mistakes

  • Fear of failure

  • Reconciliation with mistakes

  • Lessons learned

Thinking Man on Couch

Effective mirroring

Tools for effective use in providing feedback and reflection

  • How to give and receive feedback that will yield a result

  • Difference between critique, feedback and reflection


Social Architecture

Optimal Social Climate Design

  • Emotional culture as part of the cornerstones of the organization

  • Companionate love

  • Regulating desirable emotions in the organization

  • Emotional contagion

  • Social resilience

Business People Applauding

The frequencies between us

Optimal interpersonal communication qualities

  • Integrative listening

  • Empathy


Lighthouse in a Storm

Crisis Management

  • Crisis as an opportunity

  • Joint cohesion


Fertile session

Effective meeting management

  • Model 4 stages of constructive meeting

  • Maximum utilization of a virtual connection

Business Meeting

Circular hierarchy

Channeling the yield of the professional relationship

  • Balance between "manager" and "friend"

Co-workers in Modern Office
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