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Development "The Human Cloud" Technology

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A series of 4 introductory sessions

We are at the door of a new world

On the one hand, it presents us with not simple challenges, but on the other hand, it also opens up a window of opportunity for us to develop and upgrade our lives.

The course Introduction to the Development of "Human Cloud" technology helps us to adapt to the new reality that is being revealed, as smoothly and successfully as possible.

We are witnessing all the systems around us changing. Everything we knew and knew is taking a turn. The tools and perceptions we used to use in the past are already less effective. Some have become irrelevant to practice. And all these changes force us to re-examine our way of life, our way of conduct and our decisions.

It is no coincidence that some of us feel some kind of dizziness, instability, uncertainty, sometimes even anxieties. These situations characterize the transition period in which we are now. In the face of the changing reality, we must acquire new tools, a new understanding, understand the legality of the trend, make order in our minds, thoughts, decisions and goals - and thus it unfolds before us a truly new approach to life, leading us in the transition from the old world to the new world.

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With the development of humanity we knew how to use resources efficiently to improve life, by medicine, science and technology which praised our quality of life and pampered us with luxuries that our ancestors did not dream of. A world full of abundance, wealth and abilities, but the global happiness index shows falls and rising depressions.

As humanity we have developed many approaches that deal with the person as an individual such as: anthropology, psychology and even sociology, which deals with the social behavior of the person himself.

The interpersonal resource is a resource that has been neglected, served as a "side dish" and has not been sufficiently preoccupied with its development. But today we do not have many choices left. We live in an integral and connected world, in a network that connects us at all levels of life. We influence each other, for better or worse so we can no longer ignore it and neglect the most important resource in our lives.

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In the introductory course for the development of "human cloud" technology, the person acquires an awareness of the efficient use of the interpersonal resource, which provides:


  • Access to collective intelligence

  • Systemic thinking

  • Mental and emotional flexibility

  • A source of renewal and creativity

  • Tolerance in conflict situations

  • Resilience to face challenges

Course structure

  • Session 1 - Understanding the interpersonal resource and its impact on the future

  • Session 2 - The power that drives humanity, stages of development of human desires, developmental trends

  • Session 3 - The crisis as a turning point and identification of the necessity for the implementation of the method

  • Session 4 - The resilience required for success in the new world

The secret of the success of the development is the ability of humanity to use its resources wisely, in order to improve the quality of life and ensure development towards a better future.

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