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 H.E.R.O  Project
Promotes emotional human resilience amoung people

What is emotional human resilience?

One way to explain what emotional human resilience is - is to explain what it does not mean...

Resilience does not mean that there are no conflicts, we are all human beings who see, think and feel differently. Opinions will always clash, disagreements will always exist, conflicts will always appear as they develop. There is no society without conflict, as stated more than a century ago, by the sociologist and philosopher Georg Zimmel, in his article on this subject. Conflicts and tensions are a founding element of society.

"Human Emotional Resilience" allows us to be stable in the face of plurality of opinions and see them as an advantage. To accept indifferences and diversity between the characters of people - as a substrate for fertilization and to approach challenges and crises - as a springboard for development.

Every company, family, organization, team or group of people should function as an organism just like the human body. The fact that the body has resilience, does not necessarily keep viruses or bacteria away from it - but the internal resilience created between the parts, allows everyone to effectively deal with disorders, malfunctions, while recovering and continuing with the routine of daily activities.

A Wake-Up Call

We have built for ourselves a world in which everyone exists in isolation from the others, closed within himself.

Depression is conquering the world, the need for sedatives is increasing, the difficulty of coping with social situations is burdensome.

The characteristics of modern life signal that this will not be possible over time. A human being is a social creature, and when he does not receive his warm social connection he needs, he lacks a sense of vitality and security, and his functioning is impaired.

The vision as a motive

  • H.E.R.O (Human Emotional Resilience Obtainment) is a process founded out of exposure to the social revolution that is taking a shape - the S.B.L. approach (Social Behavioral Leadership).

  • This approach has been implementeת, for several years, in various projects in the Ministry of Education, schools, local authorities, high-tech companies and more. The approach has set itself the goal of revolutionizing, emphasizing the need to assimilate an optimal human connection, as the cornerstone of any social/public institution.

  • The approach is led by Dr. Eli Winokur, Vice President of Gordon College of Education and Avinoam Yomtovian - PhD practitioner and director of practical experience in the Department of Community Social Education at Gordon College. As part of their research and work in the field of education, they researched the need to build educational / leadership social processes, as a tool to optimize existing relationships in an organization, group or team.

עמיתים לאידאה

יש לנו המון חברים ועמיתים, שגם הם מאמינים שהמצרך היקר ביותר שיש לנו בחיים - אלו הקשרים בין האנשים.

הם משקיעים רבות גם בתחום האישי ובמיוחד המקצועי, בכדי לקדם את הנושא החשוב.

אנו נוהגים להחליף איתם הודעות קוליות והתייעצויות בנושאים שונים, זה מאוד מרתק ולכן בחרנו להקליט ולרכז אותם לפודקאסט בכדי לשתף גם אתכם.


פודקאסט על מורכבות הקשר האנושי

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